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    Attention barefoot runners!  The University of Delaware Running Laboratory would like to invite you to take part in a web based running survey in order to better understand the habits of the barefoot runner.  Your participation will involve 15 minutes of your time each month to fill out an online survey.  You will fill out one survey a month for a year, upon which your name will be entered into a raffle to win a GPS!  To qualify for this opportunity you must be relatively healthy, between the ages of 18 and 50 and run more than 10 miles/week.  You also must have been running barefoot for more than 6 months, and at least 50% of your mileage must be done completely barefoot.  Please contact Allison Altman at 302-831-4646, or for more information.

      LOL, a university survey that is using a gmail account rather than a account. hmmm

      Can you say fishing?


      I mean, sure it could be real. I think my friend did something similar, but...


      EDIT: Allison Altman is a real person/grad student at U Del and is in Biomechanics and the phone number is the correct person. So, I guess it is real.



        Actually - there has been extensive work on barefoot running at UD.  I imagine this is a grad student who sent this out... but here is a study that was released by two professors from UD and Harvard.


          Which is what my edit said.


            Leaving this post as is in case anyone is interested. I censored the other UDRunningLab post. 

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              I'm participating, and it's more like 5 min per month. FWIW.

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                I'm suffering from age discrimination.  Wink

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