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Teva Sling King (Read 567 times)


    Hello! I just got a pair of Teva Sling King and I am ready to try some minimalistic winter running. Anyone used them in snow/ice? I hope the traction will be enough and with a pair of socks, it looks like they can keep my feet warm too. I will try them tomorrow on my hill training.


    My size is 8.5 (men) and I got a 9 and they were too small! So I had to order another one, size 10 and they are perfect. By the way, I did not return yet the size 9 so if anyone from GTA (Toronto, Canada) wants a black pair, size 9, let me know, so you can save some weeks waiting for them if you order from US. (You have to be size 7.5-8).




      OK, I just did some hill training, 9km in total, in -10C (14F) and with windchill, -22C (-7.6F), wearing the Teva Sling King and I am impressed! Just a normal pair of socks and my feet were warm! Good traction in the snow too, even if you feel every little bump. My calves worked a little harder, but that's understandable. For my first minimalistic shoe, not bad! (I used some Nike Free before, if that counts, but the feeling it's very different wearing the Sling King).

      Did I mention I LOVE Smile