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So I was reading about minimalist footwear and evolution...and a thought struck me... (Read 380 times)


    So I was reading about how the foot and leg is designed for a trot type slow and steady distance running, how 2 million years ago the upright stance, sweating, being in a warm climate, lack of hair all contributed to persistence hunting being a viable human survival strategy, when a thought struck me.  Has anyone taken any of these barefooting shoes and actually GONE persistence hunting? It would require tracking skills, sure, but it would be something to record to video!  A set of (insert favorite minimalist footwear here), some loose shorts, a stone-age quality spear, a camera-helmet with enough battery for a good five hour run, a Kudu antelope in front of you...  Has anyone ever done anything like this??  It would be a great marketing tool, yaknow?  Though I am not sure WHICH company would be okay with the sort of marketing that involves killing an antelope, maybe one of them might be okay with it... Just a thought.

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      Not sure about that, but I did catch a jackrabbit in New Mexico when I was about 14 years old by just running him down till he got tired. Really.


      But I cheated - had tennis shoes on...

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          * sigh* ...I LOVE that clip, haven't watched it for awhile. This was the first time I noticed the hunter was wearing shoes! 


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            Persistence hunting is something I would like to try some day. 


            Don't underestimate the level of tracking skill necessary.  There's an account in "Born to Run" of two guys who try it in Montana, and the prey animals are too good at mixing into the herd and disappearing.  That's how they deal with predators of all kinds, us included.

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                Ha! Poor choice - pronghorn have been recorded running 55 mph and they can maintain 45 for miles (one hypothesis is that they evolved to escape dire wolves). Might be better to pick, say, an elk.


                Although pronghorn is even tastier than elk...yum...

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                  spotting my bare feet in my first barefoot marathon in 1990, a native americanĀ said he'd like to try it too and toldĀ me about family stories of barefoot running down deer, . . . and the patience required.

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