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First run of the season... (Read 20 times)


    Got out last week while on Sanibel Island for a barefoot beach run. Lots of shells on that beach made it pretty difficult for feet that haven't run barefoot for quite a long time, but it felt good anyway. Got a couple of good blisters but they went away within a few days after popping 'em.


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      That's a lot of shells, but the do look like the kind that aren't too bad to run on.  I have to wait another two months before I get in my beach running.


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        My first run of the season was about March 15th. There was still ice and snow, and I got blisters from trying to grab in with my toes.

        This season has started with lots of blisters and not enough time to roughen my feet up. I am training for a TRI and my feet are soaking for 30+ minutes every week.


        Had a race this Sunday that I tried to do BF. 7.1 miles, 84 degrees. Blacktop was too hot. Too many stones for me. I was walking back after 3.7 miles. I would try to run and my feet were so sensitive by this point that I would get only a few steps before something minor would shoot pain through my foot. I was ready to turn back at mile 2.5 but completed the course. There was so much chipped rock, gravel and dirt roads, that I dont know if I would do this again barefoot ever again.


        Next Wed Im thinking of doing the 5k BF. I got a PR in April BF and I beat the #1 Female! I heard her complaining about the "barefoot guy" -


        "I cant catch him, and Ive got springs in my shoes and he is just bounding along"    Smile

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