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Ouch. Posterior tibial tendinitis (Read 455 times)


    Has anyone else had success in dealing with this? I switched to BF/VFF running in December (cold turkey) after running about 13 miles per week with stability shoes and orthotics. I have slowly ramped up to about 20 miles per week since the switch, and have just now hit my first roadblock. I am hoping that this is just TMTS, but am worried that there is a more fundamental problem with my form. I have pretty flat feet... Any words of encouragement? Thoughts on how to recover quickly? Thoughts on things to focus on (from a form perspective) to prevent recurrence?

      YES YES!!! I had it a few months ago.  I went on an 8 mile trail run.  I was up to that distance in VFF's already, but adding in the uneven surfaces and hills of a trail did a number on me.   I completely stopped running for 2 weeks.  Did the whole RICE thing every day.   I think the compression part was the most helpful. Wrapping it up tight when walking around normally so I wouldn't aggravate it anymore than it already was.    After 2 weeks, I added in a short treadmill run with success.  I increased miles very slowly over the next few weeks and it hasn't been back! 


      It's definitely an overuse injury.  Take it easy.


      Since then I've been plagued with ITBS.   Now THAT is painful!!  Foam roller has been my friend and I'm pretty sure the knots and bumps that were along my IT Band are now history!  Ran 6 miles today pain free when a few weeks ago I couldn't run 2.