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    I spent 2 years transitioning, using aquasocks, Volleys, flats and similar stuff, taking insoles out of Frees etc, occasionaly jogging on grass or beach barefoot. It was great progress and I build higher volume in minimalist shoes so improve my fitness as well as racing performance in racewalking and ultrawalking, however : I feel I did come to the end of blind street, that all those minimalist shoes somehow teach me not quit correct technique in walking and running (yeah better than full shoes, but still). Starting now barefoot slow run on concrete and carefull walk on teh street - asphalt and concrete and also faster walk on synthetic track. Walk is not so bad, but with run I am realizing, that minimalist shoes did not really teach me correct running technique. so with current experience if I can turn calendar back 2 years : would I simply go fully barefoot and only do what I can at the beggining and slowly buil up, perhaps today be in much better situation ? I just wonder Confused

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      Agreed. You learn much better from going really barefoot.
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        Well then - I can dispense with the flats. How about the Vibrams? Arla

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          I think a lot of it depends on the "end game," - what you're trying to accomplish from all of this. In my case, I want to wean myself off orthotics AND extend the life of the shoes I do use (I currently get about 280 miles per pair). I also want to eliminate the shin problems I have when I get my mileage up. If I can accomplish that via flats or Vibrams, then cool... If not, then I'll need to go pure BF. In the past few weeks, I have gotten off orthotics completely and am mixing up runs in Frees/Vibrams and my regular shoes without orthotics.... While I know the Vibrams are teaching me the best gate, soreness the next day is preventing me from building miles like I want to. In this case, switching up my Frees and shoes have helped me do both. Ideally, I'd like to train in Vibrams and race in flats... but I also want to keep building mileage and fitness throughout the winter.

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