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The Great shoe Flap Arrives in Boston - Is Berfoot Running Better? at an American Podiatric Medical Association meeting (Read 506 times)

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      A good, short article - but I wish Boston was a LOT closer to where I live so I could attend. 


      BTW, Bob -you've given me a couple of good ideas today.  First - replacing my flip-flops with huraches, and now - thinking maybe I should change my user name to Br'erfoot Bill (Barefoot Bill has already been taken). Wink

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        Woops, accidentally posted this in the wrong thread.  This is where I intended to put it.


        From the blurb: "Dr. Jenkins...recently compiled extensive research from more than 120 external sources—including Christopher McDougall’s 'barefoot bible', 'Born to Run.'“


        I'm dubious about the "compiled extensive research" part.  "Born to Run" isn't research, nor is there much of any research out there.


        It would be interesting to know what comes out of that session - whether there's any kind of a consensus.


        The APMA position on barefoot running isn't too bad.

        Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.