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Leg imbalances - Random newbie babbles (Read 309 times)

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    Hey all.  I pop in and out of here as I start up, and then fail at discipline due to having to taking time off from starting out too fast.  This time I'm starting really slow.


    Currently I'm doing 1 mile a day, and resting on Saturday.  The current plan is to continue this for a month, then start slowly extending the distance. Was in High School Cross Country, then went to college and did a lot of ultimate frisbee.  After that I drank too much, smoked too much, and did not do much physical activity.  Now I don't drink much, mostly devoid of smoking (quit again, doing pretty well), trying to get back in some symblance of real shape.  My goal is to get up to 15 miles and go do long trail runs just for relaxation.


                      With running daily I've really started to see what affects my form that can cause issues.  Running every other day just doesn't give you as much of a feel for what you are doing. The main issue I have right now is that about half a mile or three fourths of a mile in right now my left calf muscles will start getting stiff enough  that I inadvertently twist my foot.  This creates a hot spot under the large toe, but I've been able to keep form well enough from it ever becoming a blister.  Switching between vibrams and barefoot days has really helped with this because while barefoot is infinitely better at keeping me on form, vibram days let my hot spots heal while still stretching out muscles.  It's "painfully" obvious that I used to extremely favor my right leg as a kick leg, and my left leg as just a maintain leg.  The left balancing muscles just aren't as developed in any way as my right leg.  Generally I roll slightly out as I pick up my foot. (no weight on it during this)  The resistance from the stiff muscles in my calf causes this outward roll to not occur and instead I get a twist slightly inward as I pick up my foot.


     This isn't a problem when I run in vibrams, it's a very light twist since I'm picking up anyways.  Can't wait till my left leg starts keeping up. 



    6 degrees with a 25 mile wind in sprints is a no-go btw. Talk about cold feet.

    110 degree days are very hot in vibrams, and even shaded concrete can have some wow factor.

    Grass hides stickers.  Stickers suck, but one gave me a tri-force on the bottom of my foot.  So at least my foot is a link to the past.

    Is grass less scary as you keep running?  Generally only run in grass if I have vibrams on.  How puncture resistant do you get?

    Anyone else take photo's of their feet after a run? I was thinking about doing one a week to see the change in muscles on top etc.


    Anyways I love reading all your guys stuff, it helps me get out the door.     I'm the worst kind of procrastinator.  I wish good running and weather for you all!


    Barefoot and happy

      Sounds like you have a good plan, keep it up!


      Don't have time to answer all your question right now, but I will add that I wish I had taken pictures of my feet when I was starting, so I think that's a cool idea. 

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