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help! a logo for our barefoot DRESS shoe =D (Read 879 times)


    Barefoot bretheren!

    I've been developing a barefoot dress shoe since last May. At the moment, we have a first prototype, a design, and a prospective launch
    later this year! I'm holding a design contest here
    and was wondering if you could leave some comments, telling me which ones you like, don't like, and why? And if you or anybody you know has mad skillz, feel free to submit a design!

    1. The main point to convey is a meeting of highly-divergent environments: our wild ancestral natural world and our sleek modern conference room.

    2. We are going to take an edgy approach to our marketing. Similar to's "not your average lame-ass mudrun" attitude. Most people who buy our shoe will be those who already go barefoot and "get it." I want to appeal to YOU, rather than trying to convince casual passersby that barefooting's good for them.

    3. This logo will be molded or stamped somewhere on the shoe, so the SIMPLER the better.

    Also, if you're interested in getting e-mail updates (NO SPAM I PROMISE!), sign up here!

    I look forward to your feedback and giving you the barefoot dress shoe you've been waiting for. Thanks everyone!

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      I like leo_g18's #3. 

      Keep us posted, that's a niche that needs to be filled.

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        Awesome. I think that's the top design so far. I'll be sure to post again in this forum =] but feel free to sign up for e-mail updates


          Hi folks!

          Sorry to keep you waiting this long. The patent is filed, and I can finally show you what we're up to. The site's pretty rough still, but check it out here:


            Nice!   I would love to see those shoes come to market.

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              Nice!   I would love to see those shoes come to market.


              Nice looking, conservative, unobtrusive - just what I need for work, yet so hard to find. I assume it's zero heel drop?


              Why do most minimal shoes (and a lot of running shoes) have to be so weird looking and too colorful - at least for me.  Heck, I'm not even fast enough to try 'em on!

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