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Imminent Catastrophe

    I ran a trail half-marathon on Saturday and there was a runner wearing Huaraches. I was running behind her for a while along a rocky ATV trail covered with large fist-to grapefruit-size rocks and it was amazing to see how different her stride was compared to shod runners (like me). I could see her focusing on each step, lifting her feet cleanly up, carefully picking her spots spots and landing lightly on her forefeet. She looked so agile compared to the shod runners, who just seemed to be plodding along, stomping down wherever their feet happened to land, they looked downright clumsy by comparison. It was really remarkable to watch. This race also had some very rocky technical steep sections and she did really well.

    I talked to her briefly and she said that this was her first trail race! 

    She also mentioned that she got the Huaraches from 

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      I notice the same thing when hiking in my Huaraches. People with shoes tend to be very clumsy and just trample upon the ground. It is actually somewhat painful to watch. Of course, I get the weird looks for wearing them and weirder looks when I start running in them with my pack on.



        I'm a big fan of my huaraches. Smile

        One of my weekly trail runs involves about 60 yards of calf deep mud, followed by wading across a brook.   The mud washes right out in the water. 

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