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Tweaks Come Faster? (Read 185 times)

    I'm still ramping up my miles - have done a handful of four milers, plus a five miler over the weekend, but one of the things I've noticed is that when something starts to hurt, it comes on much FASTER than when running in shoes. In shoes, injuries sneak up on me, whereas I've had a couple times where I think I could go for miles and miles, and then a half mile later, I know it's time to call it a day in my FF's. Has anyone else noticed this w/ barefoot/FF running?

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      I am ramping up barefoot miles - all treadmill. 30 minutes (3 miles) is the most I have gone. Blisters / calluses have been the issue I have been dealing with. My feet are not painful while running, but I feel the blisters much quicker than I think I would if I was in running shoes. I am hoping that my feet are "toughing" up. I plan to run outside barefoot next summer.
        Yeah - I'm doing all of my "barefoot" running in Vibrams, so all my aches/pains/tweaks are calf and tendon stuff. My feet are actually fine.

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