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    Greetings, I just joined the group and wanted to say hello. I've recently started running in Vibram FF's. Technically not barefoot, but moving in the right direction. I've had a chronic low calf/high achilles problem and finally decided to attack it naturally. All of my runs have been on the treadmill but I've really enjoyed the Vibrams. My stride rate immediately increased to 180 bpm and I feel like there is far less wasted up and down movement in my stride. I have no doubt it is a more efficient method of running. My initial run a couple weeks ago was 30 minutes and I've increased to about 65 minutes. Probably too much too fast by most recommendations but I feel great. The only issue is how hot my feet get on the treadmill at about an hour. My plan is to run roads and clear trails with Vibrams, and move to a more minimalist trail shoe for the more hazardous trails (Inov8 295's). Look forward to corresponding with you all! AH
      Welcome, I started running barefoot on a treadmill last November. I also noticed the heat generated by the treadmill on the feet. I hope your calf/achilles problems are resolved by the Vibram's.

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        Hi aharmer! Glad you're enjoying the ffs Arla

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