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Enough time to condition minimalist for a half marathon? (Read 415 times)


    I've been using minimalist running shoes (VFF Bikilla's) for about 2 weeks averaging around 32 km per week.  I have a half marathon 'booked' for the 10th October.  I've had soreness with new muscles in my quads and feet that are being used but i'm hoping that we stretching and massage i'll get through this period.  Is it a fair assumption that I could run the half with the VFF Bikilla's or will be make more sense to change back to my 'odl fashioned' Adidas runners..?    In terms of pace, I average around 5min/km and run between 6 and 15 kms depending on the day... 

      There's a certain danger in putting yourself under pressure to race 21km a month from now.  If the soreness persists over the next couple of weeks, it may be too soon. If your feet & legs begin to feel better, including after long runs, you may be able to run the HM at an easy pace to prove you can do it; however, if you are going to want to "perform" in the race, you'd better stick to the tried-and-true shoes.


      I was conservative and made a 5k my inaugural BF race.

      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.