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Different ways to tie huaraches (Read 943 times)

Huaraches Maker

    I've put together a collection of videos and pictures of various ways to tie huaraches at:


    Some of them are quite fashionable (lots of creative ideas out there).

    It's not complete, so come on by and add your own ideas and discoveries.

      One thing to consider when tying Huaraches is that you want extra for when the knot breaks. I wish I had more than I do.


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        How many types of Hurarches are there? I saw a guy wearing them at a race this weekend (he was on a bike and may have been just a spectator or a fast runner who had finished already). Anyway, these went quite a bit higher up his ankles.

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        Huaraches Maker

          Hey PerfesserR,


          There's one basic type of huarache -- some kind of sole + some kind of lace.


          But there are many sole materials you can use, and many ways to lace them.


          He was using the "toga-style" lacing method. That's one of the styles that we show at




            I like all those different ways to tie them.  I havn't wore my huaraches in a long time because I never liked the tying system.


            Maybe I will give some of these methods a shot.

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