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      I had to run barefoot to learn how to run in minimalist footwear.


      I also agree with this statement.  I too used to be in the "why in the world would you want to run in minimalist footwear" camp, but have since seen the light! Wink  If you hear nothing else, take it slow and listen to what your body is telling you!  If you hurt, take a day off and re-evaluate!


      I have the Bikila model and have over 100 miles on them (also 40+ miles barefoot).  I've been happy with them and haven't had the stink issue others have mentioned.  I do wish they were more water resistant, as any type of slush I run through immediately seeps in.  The Bikilas do cover more of the foot than most of the other models I believe, which is a plus for winter use.  I've noticed a bit of a "wetsuit" effect when I do have water intrusion-cold at first, but the cold fades quickly.  I've been surprised how much fun it is to use them even in the winter.  I am willing to run barefoot outdoors down into the mid-30s if the pavement is dry, but usually shorter distances (less than 3 miles).


      Lots of random thoughts, but hopefully helpful as you contemplate this style of running.


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        Does anyone else get the word "Vibram" imprinted on thier big toe joint?

        2013 Goals.......

          I haven't noticed it on my big toe. I wear my KSOs regularly and my Bikilas when I run.

            Very, very smart. Slow will get you where you need to go. Enjoy it. 

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