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VFF Pain (Read 301 times)

    I have been trying to slowly increase my barefoot/minimalist running.  I would love to just go BF, but it is kind of cold right now in Massachusetts.  When I can, I do - like at lunch time when the sun is shining, the sun usually keeps the pavement at a decent temp for BF running.  But in the morning, the ground is pretty freaking cold.


    so, the other day I donned my VFF KSOs for a half mile run and I noticed that the main part of the ball of my foot (right below the big toe) hurt when I ran with the KSOs on.  After a 1/4 mile I turned around and took them off and ran back and the pain wasnt nearly as severe when I was BF - though the cold ground got to me by the end of the 1/4 mile.  I wrote it off as a bruise or something that I didnt know about.


    But then today again I put them on for a 3/4 mile run and had the same pain in the same place.  Is there a thicker section of rubber on that part of the foot or something that is hitting my foot.  I dont know.


    HAs anyone else ever had this issue with the KSOs or any other Vibrams?


    Thanks in advance



      The only time I had pain like this was because of running down hill. It was just too much for the muscles in my feet. It is possible that you still need to build up the muscle in your feet. I would suggest barefoot/vff walking as much as possible.