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    I have flat feet. I was an 8.5 as a young adult, but over the decades I’ve increased to 10.5 and usually wear an 11.5 running shoe (heresy I know, I’m new). I had to go to a camping store to get my VFF and ended up with a size 42 pair which I suspect is right, for now.



    I’m wondering if running barefoot or minimalist could rebuild your arch? In the beginning, about halfway thru a FF run my right foot would start to feel loose in the um shoe for lack of a better word but I don’t think that the Velcro was loosening up or the material stretching. Tonight, even though I made sure that it was tight; the feeling that it was “loose” was almost instantaneous. I’m not talking about being floppy or anything, it’s very subtle. I’m just wondering what the chances are that my foot is reacting to running this way and slowly rebuilding the arch that I lost long ago?

      The short answer is "yes", barefoot walking and running will begin to strengthen the arches that were once dormant. How much depends on the person of course.


      The key is to take it easy. It sounds like you are not in pain, which is awesome, and means you're doing something right.


      From what I understand your arches won't necessarily change shape (although they may), but they will most likely be strengthening internally. This means you aren't going to see huge arches pop out of your feet one day, but you will definitely gain additional strength.


      It doesn't even need to be running, simply walking around barefoot can have a great effect as well, depending on what level you are at.

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        Yes, your arch is probably reacting to being allowed to move.


        Arches are not static.  People tend to think of them as having a fixed shape and height, but that's only true when you keep them confined all the time.


        They flex and move.  Sometimes my bare footprints look flat footed.  Sometimes they look very high-arched, with no connection between the pad and the heel.  It depends on how fast I'm moving and what the conditions are.

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          Arches are not static.  People tend to think of them as having a fixed shape and height, but that's only true when you keep them confined all the time.




          I like to think of my arches as being like the leaf springs of a car I used to have...supporting weight and moving enough to "smooth out the ride"...

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            And what happens when you put a solid support under a leaf spring? It's not a spring any more. Much like what happens when you wear arch support!

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