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Vibram FiveFingers by the foot? Interest in Mismatched pairs? (Read 521 times)


    Hello All,


    A few days ago, I got my first pair of VFFs.  While they are very interesting to run in, and I feel like I am getting a better workout in them than shoes - I am not a fan of the fit...

    After reading through all the numerous guides out there - I decided to go with the pair that would fit my larger foot.  While the larger foot fits great - the other foot kinda has some slack and is annoying!  

    After remeasuring my feet throughout the week I have found the difference in my feet length is constantly more than 1/6" - the maximum difference that suggests when buying fivefingers.  My difference is 1/4" - a whole fivefinger size. - the only solution appears to be getting another pair in the smaller size....

    Researching more about this phenomenon - I find that 60% of the people out there have one foot noticeably bigger than the other.

    Long story short - I was thinking I could start a venture where I could offer Vibram Five Fingers by the foot - you could order one size for one foot and one size for another.  In the end, they would cost 35-50% more but thats better than paying 100% more.

    I am just seeing if this idea would pan out - and see if there would be any interest?



      It makes some sense, but I'm fortunate to not have this problem.  Maybe there would be enough interest over the interwebs.

      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

        When I wore VFFs, I didn't have this problem either (I don't wear them any longer--loved them to death, but road running annihilated the sole way too fast). 


        One thing to watch for is that Vibram only allows resellers who have official brick-and-mortar stores.  From what I understand, then can be a little aggressive with their policies sometimes, too. 

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