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    Ive tried several tying methods in the internet and vids around youtube then i ended up with my method in tying that wont fall off even you sprint here: you can see how to tie here: Glad to help heres a pic

    Fast Ninja

      just copy and paste the link if you may..

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        you missed a step in the Roman tying style. After wraping around the ankle a few times (depends on length) the end goes over then under the toe cord and back to the ankle. I then wrap it on the inside ankle low below the arch (twice) and then tie off under the length that was wrapped around the leg. not sure I'm describing correctly... but that is what I see missing in your picture. It will keep the sandal from falling off. It also takes some trial and error to get it were the cord does not chaf! LOL


        I use the "Toga" (which I've been mistakenly calling 'Roman') method found; Got the slip on method screwed up and abandoned in favor of the 'Toga' approach.

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