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Barefoot in Badwater (Read 350 times)

    Just wanted to share an awesome picture of my dh.  He's crewing a friend right now who's running the Badwater Ultra.  They went out for a short barefoot run yesterday morning on the salt flats in 105F.  


    All my dh brought with him are his VFF's.  I'm guessing the only time he'll be able to run along is in the middle of the night when the ground cools a bit.


    I also wanted to say that it look like my shin splints are going away.  Ran 7 miles on Saturday with no problems.  Now that I know I was still heel striking, I'm really paying attention. 



      That's a great pic. Who is he crewing for?


      That's awesome re no shin splints. Fun first, fast later.

        That is definitely a fantastic pic. Thanks for sharing it, and congrats on the shin splints easing into nothingness.

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          That's a great pic. Who is he crewing for?


          He's crewing Brian Recore. 90 miles done so far.  




            Congratulations on shaking the shin splints!