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Anyone know anything about Merrell shoes? (Read 3966 times)

    There's an ad in the latest Runners World for their "barefoot trail glove."


    Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

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      I just bought a pair of Merrell "all-terrain" True Gloves from my local Walkabout Shop about a week ago - the salesman called the True Gloves "casual shoes" and they are comfy - said he had a pair of black & yellow Trail Gloves that is his favorite shoe.  I had looked at a lot of "minimaliat" shoes online before I decided on Merrells, and although the guy at the shop said they run "a size or two large", I fit my normally size 12 feet into a pair of 11.5s nicely. I wanted to make sure I got a shoe with "zero heel drop" (a totally flat sole), & Merrell has that. 


       I assume the main difference between the True Glove & Trail Glove is that the Trail Glove upper is sturdier (weighs a little more at about 6.3 vs 5.9 ounces), but the vibram tread design looks exactly the same as the True Glove.  Also, there is reportedly 4mm of cushioning in the forefoot but I can't really tell - I read in a review where the cushioning starts to wear down in 100-200 miles - that's fine with me because I was born with cushioning.  I do think the tread will last a long time though, whatever that is!  The sole was harder than I thought it would be (I can feel some things thru the sole like larger rocks, but not little things usually).  I ran in my "all-terrain" True Glove on a combination of asphalt and gravel sections for 6 or 7 miles after walking in them for a couple of days, and they did fine, but I'd only reccommend them for smaller sized gravel  - otherwise maybe the Trail Glove is better for larger sized gravel, but I don't know (I think I read where the "all-terrain" True Glove sole is 6mm thick, but maybe the Trail Glove sole is thicker?). 


      My next run in the Merrells was stupidly without socks for the 1st time ever (and was speedwork to boot), so now I have my first blister on the heel - so I ran totally BF today.  My overall take is that the Merrells look really good, are a little pricey, are form-fitting, lacing system is really good, seems like they could be long-wearing, seem to be well made, and have an aggressive tread.  But, I've only run 8 miles in them, so I guess I still have to get used to them - so far, I think they'll turn out to be one of my favorite shoes but if you want "to feel the ground more naturally" like Vibram FFs, etc., I think the Merrell soles are too thick for much of that, which is probably a trade-off between that and longer wear.


      Hope this info helps some!


      PS:  Those black and brown Tough Gloves for casual at work styles look awesome!

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        There's an ad in the latest Runners World for their "barefoot trail glove."



        Here are my thoughts on them (Merrell Trail Glove), I got an advance pair in December.


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          Interesting.  Thanks.

          Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

            Interesting.  Thanks.

            You are welcome.  I wish I could tell you more about how they perform on the trail, however seeing as how the snow won't letup, I can't quite make that happen yet.


            The biggest thing I was looking for is something to stop me bruising my heel on those damn embedded rocks.

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              I bought the Trail Glove' s in Munich last week.

              Did two runs in them a 9 k. I had absolutely no problems

              with blisters or so. Normally, when I use newly purchased cushioned classic style

               running shoes I always had blisters on my heel.

              In the trail glove there is plenty of space for the toes. Also a big advantage in

              comparison to nearls all traditional shoes.

              This winter I ran with my VFF Flow Trek. When comparing them with the Merrells

              I must say that there is only very little difference in 'barefoot feeling'. Both give some

              protection against stones, sharp rocks or branches (my standard course is nearly completely

              on unasphalted soil. And since I have to run in darkness often during winter, I appreciate this basic protection.

              After having run 19 k (not much...I must admit) with the Merrells I can strongly recommend them.

              Normally my shoe size is 42. I bought the Merrells with size 43 because I was able to try different sizes

              in the shop. When the VFFs should be bought  - depending on the model - generally with smaller sizes,

              the Merrell Trail Glove should be bought rather 1 size above. This because of length and wideness.




                I bought the NB Minimus and the Merrell Trail Glove. I returned the trail glove, because it had some roughness on the tongue. My wife decided to keep the trail gloves and she has had blister issues. With the minimus I haven't had any blisters. Then again I haven't been running much lately, but I have been running more than my wife.



                  I've been running in the trail gloves since last Autumn.  They're pretty tight around the foot with still ample space in the toe box, are better than five fingers in mud and slick conditions but not as good as my normal trail shoes...I like them, but don't know as I'd go out of my way to buy them at full retail.  Since I got a pair for free (and could get another pair for $30 through a barefoot clinic I'm going to be helping out at in a few weeks) I'll run in them though.


                  I don't have as many miles as I'd like on them yet since I didn't run much after September, so it's tough for me to get a full review on them.

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                    It seems the forward momentum keeps them on okay but I've run a number of trail ultras here in the Pacific Northwest including three White River 50-milers up-and-down two mountains hugging the foothills of Mt. Rainier in snug-fitting Merrell Bahria thongs. Although some of the other runners wondered if I was lost looking for a beach, pebbles, twigs and other erratics slide out within a step or two and feet are cool and comfortable all the way.

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