Barefoot Runners


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    Here is a nice link for someone who is getting started:



    I've been barefoot Walking on asphalt for about a year now and am SLOOOOOWLY transitioning to barefoot running.

    I have also been incorporating the Chi-Running techniques to my regular running for 1 year as well.  I have gone from

    a heel striker to a midfoot striker during that time period.  It seems like the transition to BF running is very natural from that perspective.   I also removed my custom orthotics at the same time.  For the first time in years I've not had any running related injuries.  I'm sure this has to do with strengthening my feet (via the bf walking and orthotics removal) and changing my stride to a midfoot striker.

    Just ran 7 tenths of a mile last night without a problem.


    If anyone is interested, the reason I started exploring new ways to run last year was because I have had many injuries of the last 30 years that just about had me give up on running.  I've had 2 successful Neuroma surgeries (1 on the rt foot in 1985 and 1 on the left foot in 2004).  I've had plantar fasciitis in 2004-5 that forced me for years to stop running and explore other cardio exercises, i.e. Swimming, Biking, Rowing.