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    I have ran consistently for the past 11 years and average around 33 mpw. I have very flat feet. Well, six weeks ago I started barefoot/minimalist running. I started slow and short and barefoot. My first run was only 4 minutes and after spending a couple of weeks running barefoot, I started running in the VFF. I am up to 3.5 miles in the VFFs. No longer sore or achy and I am loving it. I am a much more efficient runner and hopefully continue to improve. It may be my imagination but my feet don't seem as flat. Is that possible? Have any of you experienced this?

      its common for feet to shapen up during minimalist training. since you have been "supporting" your arches for so many years with padded trainers, the muscles in your feet have become complacent and weak. as they tighten, you start to notice the higher arch and shorter overall length. you may start to admire your shapely feet in a few more weeks, these are normal feelings.

        My feet got wider.



          My feet got wider too, and I think my arches are a lot higher now.


          Maybe my feet just got shorter.

          Bill Wagnon / stl

            My feet feel great and may have better arches now, but they feel less good now when confined in shoes.

            Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

              yup mine got wider and my toes are still spacing out. i just went shoe shopping the other day for a race flat/ bike shoe. ended up with a puma flat that is kinda tight. lucky for me my old man used to own a shoe repair business and i can stretch them out!


                I'm the reverse: high arches; extreme supinator; rigid feet.  I've only been doing BF/VFF running supplementally for a few months now, and have built up to 6km as the longest run, with a total of about 15km/week (of total weekly volume of 90km).  I have always put all my weight on the outside of my feet - a wet footprint test show 2 islands - the arch is that high.


                Lately I've noticed when BF during the day that on my R foot (which has the biggest history of problems) I am able to feel the ground under my arch.  This is new!  And on today's 6km VFF run, I noticed that on the same foot I was consistently landing on the ball of the foot beneath the big toe - rather than the outside/4th or 5th metatarsal.


                This has me intrigued.  Before these observations I'd been feeling some very slight aching along the inside ankle of the R foot; I now assume this is a result of the new weight being put on the medial side of the foot.  Obviously I will need to proceed slowly - but I would so love to drop my arches a tad.