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Transitioning... And laughing like a child... (Read 211 times)

    So I wasn’t running for over three months…
    I was running rather consistently in the first months of this year, and trying to follow most of Ph. Maffetones advice. Meanwhile, I tried to make a transition to barefoot running by adding more barefoot-yards to each run.
    During the last weeks, I could easily run about one mile barefoot on rough asphalt.

    Never felt sore calves during that process, maybe because I had been focusing on ‘barefoot form’ while running  shod in the cold wintermonths.


    But then my garden started asking for my time… From the beginning of spring, I spend hours after work in my garden, and I didn’t find the time to run, unless I let go of some sleeping hours (which I needed too).

    And now, back home from our tour through the South-West of the USA, I’m starting to run again, but (only) barefoot this time...


    I ran barefoot about 100 yards on Monday evening, and 200 yards on Tuesday morning.

    Unlike it was in early spring, when I was adding barefoot meters to my normal runs, my calves felt a bit sore now, probably because I haven’t been running for a few months.
    I guess it makes sense to transition like I’m doing now, by only running barefoot, but on the other hand… running only a couple of hundreds of yards feels so…. so nothing…


    It is hard to resist the temptation to run farther than I have been told to do in the first days of my transition…


    Yesterday, I went out again, and I only ran slightly more than early this week, but after about half of the distance, I had a mental image of a child, running happily, just for the joy of moving.

    More or less consciously I tried to mimic the posture of that child… Only slight adaptations of the form I was running in, but for one reason or another it made a huge difference in how my running felt… And in only seconds I felt joyous like a child, and ended my short run with a big, big smile on my face…


    (Oh yes… no sore calves today.)

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    Half Fanatic #846

      Good job, Ann!


      Before long, those short little jaunts will become longer ones.

      Sounds like you have adopted a natural running form.



      "I don't always roll a joint, but when I do, it's usually my ankle" - unk.

      I ran half my last race on my left foot!

      Run like the winded

        Yes, let us strive to run like children! Smile


        Your post makes me happy.

        Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.