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    Thought I should come out and say "hi" before I made comments on other topics.   Been running in my VFF's exclusively since about October.   Training for my 3rd half on May 1st.   Will be running in my vff's.  So far, I'm up to 8 miles on my long runs.  Once I ran in my vff's, there was no way I could go back to heavy clunkers, so the process of adding up miles has been a slow one.  Just like starting all over again.  


    So far I only have 2 KSO's.   Looking forward to getting my hands on a pair of Bilikas when they come out.  Wish I could pre-order!  I waited 4 months to get my second pair of KSO's due to all the backorders. 


    I mostly run on pavement, but have been enjoying the dirt trails of of late.  I've always been a slow runner, but the vff's have made me even slower.  I'm hoping I can learn to stretch out my stride a bit and at least get to where I was before I made the transition.  But, if I don't, it's no big deal.  I'm not in it for speed, I just like to get out there and run and feel good.


    I haven't had any problems so far except the usual blister on the big toe and lower calf soreness.  The 8 mile trail run yesterday has me hurting today.





      Hi Debi, from a fellow lurker!


      I've been running in my VFFs since 1 Jan.  I did a couple barefoot 1-2 mile runs, and just didn't enjoy the dirty feet.  Add to that my primary running park is absoluly infested with geese, and you know what that means...


      I'm training for my 3rd half on 7 Mar, it'll be a nice flat out and back at Seaside, Fl.   I've done a couple of 10+ mile training runs so far, and really haven't noticed a change (good or bad) in my time, just that the first couple weeks my calves were KILLING me.   I too had some random blister issues, but seem to have grown thru them with liberally applied Bodyglide and band-aids.


      Good luck on your half, Let us know how it turns out!





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        Welcome Debi and Johnny!


        Debi - Trails are a lot of fun. Before long you'll become accustomed to it - just take it easy - the speed will return soon, but trails are "slower" than the road, no matter what type of footwear.  I just started running trails again, but only once a week for now - maybe I'll go to 2x/week soon.  BTW, what are "Bilikas"?  I tried to google it (I assume they are maybe a new shoe model coming out).  Can you provide a link ?- thanks.


        Johnny -  I thought about doing Seaside since I'm not too far away in Tallahassee, but opted for a different one the week after, about 80 miles east of me, which I heard was partly on trails. Good luck!



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          Welcome from a blabber ;-)

          @Debi - Slow and steady. Get some miles and a good form and you'll find yourself getting faster naturally.

          @Johnny- Didn't enjoy the dirty feet? I love that part! I love being in touch with the world, no matter what it is! To each their own though. Best of luck on the upcoming half. 

          Happy trails!

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             BTW, what are "Bilikas"?



             Johnny, I'm with you on the dirty feet thing.  We have a ton of geese and ducks around here, so I clearly understand.  There's also a lot of bad bad people around here that don't pick up after their dogs.  Ick!    I take off my shoes before going inside, so I would hate to wash my feet after every run with the cold water from the hose.   Plus, girls are supposed to have soft feet, not dirty calloused cracked ones!  Vibrams are for me Smile



            mta: sorry, I don't know how to make that a clickable link.

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                 Looking forward to getting my hands on a pair of Bilikas when they come out.  Wish I could pre-order!  I waited 4 months to get my second pair of KSO's due to all the backorders. 


               I have 3 pair of VFFs, Classic, Trek and Flow, and I'm looking forward to the Bikilas too. 

              I took a short run in some Asics Evolutions that used to be my regular shoe, and they felt so clunky, like clogs. Then ran a short way in the Classics which felt GREAT, and the barefoot which felt even better. 

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                mta: sorry, I don't know how to make that a clickable link.


                One of the tabs above where you type your message is a globe with a chain, link. Click on there. Paste the web address in the URL window and below you can make a name to your link. VFF Bikila


                I myself cannot wait for VFF Treks for women. My KSO are way too slippery in mud and steep trails and my barefoot distances are way too short for any trail running

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                  I would like it if they had women's treks, because then maybe I could find a pair in my size. They only go down to 40's in men's, but I wear a 39.