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Shoes were killin' my feet - but they're gettin' a lot better... (Read 432 times)

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    ...well, shoes and my feet are gettin' better but I'm just talking shoes here!


    I usually run in shoes once in a while just to give my feet a rest from barefooting (especially if I've run BF several days in a row) but have noticed that even my racing flats have some heel rise that bothers my feet - and I can feel it for a couple of days afterward.  So I'm having to graduate to only BF and shoes with a zero heel drop (ZHD) - not even with just a 4mm heel rise. I've worn ZHD shoes at work for the past 2 years.


    Several sources I've read lately have indicated that most major shoe companies (as well as some newer ones) are going to come out with even more minimal shoe styles in 2012. I think I recall a hint somewhere that there might even be a zero drop Nike Free ???? (I'd be on that like glue!!). So, there's been quite a huge change in the last few years from the traditional running shoes to what is available now - and it looks like it's going to get even better. 


    I've had the "Minimalist Running" and "Running Shoes" section at



    bookmarked for quite a while now - a lot of really interesting info there - and it seems to be unbiased too.  Compare your shoes to the ones in the Shoe Review section. It's the most comprehensive guide I've seen on the 'net. Enjoy!

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      Y'know, I've been having chronic tendonitis issues (PTT), and I'm beginning to wonder if it's related to not my running shoes (usually VFFs), but to my everyday shoes.  The problem started approximately when I bought a pair of casual shoes to wear to work.  They're really comfortable, but they kind of rock as I walk.  I'm going to try abandoning them for a couple of weeks.


      I'm going to order a pair of these for everyday wear, as soon as my size is available.

      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

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        Larry - they look good, and affordable too, even for a retired old coot like I am.


        I was reading BF Ken Bob's book and in the last chapters he discusses how some ran BF/near BF in cold weather by wearing socks both as is and coated with Plasti-Dip. Gave me the idea to do that at the gym on dreadmill on cross training days. Not bad, have more feel of the tread but did start to get some irritation in sole of one foot - could mean I am not fully lifting that foot resulting in some movements between foot and sock. Haven't had a chance to try on my streets yet. Might need much thinner socks. Of course BF are the cheapest we can get...LOL


        Meant to add: had an interesting reaction to wearing a pair of snug Crocs w/o socks today after helping with my 10mo twin grandsons. Sudden sharp pains in top of left foot when I got home. Took the shoes off and limped around for a bit. Curling my toes killed. Think a tendon on top of foot got irritated, almost in the area where I had Morton's Neuroma (sp?) when I first started running. Rubbed it and walked around on ball of foo, then used some bio-freeze and it seems much better, with some internal tightness tho. Crazy things that shoes can do to us!

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          I'm going to order a pair of these for everyday wear, as soon as my size is available.


          Hey, those look interesting with the 1.2 mm thick sole.  I thought they were just for casual use, but I see a review where someone was happy running 4 miles in them too. The "Amphibian" is described as good for "pounding the pavement" - maybe they'll have my size by next month...

           I ran half my last race on my left foot!               I don't always roll a joint, but when I do, I usually roll my ankle