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Barefoot and happy

    A friend of mine made these for me.  They're the perfect level of insulation, without socks, for runs in the teens and twenties.  I haven't yet put them through the test of a really wet cold run.  I intend to rub in some water repellent before that.


    As for the feel, they're the first thing I've tried that's better than FiveFingers.  I'm sure there's some tradeoff in durability, we shall see how much.  But I would not be surprised if I could get through a whole winter in a pair of these.  The hide is pretty tough stuff, and I run pretty softly. 


    The first couple runs have already taken me on pavement, sidewalk, rocky trail, ice, wood chips, and frozen mud.  Felt great on all of those. 






    The pattern is available here.

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      Moccasins are great to me, I do most of my below freezing runs on trails with thick leather mocs. Yours look much thinner than mine and must have really good ground feel. I would stay off the pavement with those for sure, they might last for a long time that way.

        Thank you for sharing Ed. I'd be interested to see how they hold up on sidewalk/road/pavement before I take the plunge. Please let us know your experience as you progress with them.



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          Those kick ass... I gotta find a place that sells leather.  Maybe work on a waterproof pair?

          Imminent Catastrophe

            looks like traction might be a problem with those.

            MTA: On hard-packed snow or ice, anyway.

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            Barefoot and happy

              Traction has not been a problem so far, and I have run on ice and packed snow.  It may be more of an issue in really wet conditions, we shall see.

              Curious about running barefoot? Visit the new barefoot running group.