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Nike Frees being phased out? (Read 695 times)

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    Seems like I've noticed in the last few months that 7.0s are next to impossible to find, 3.0s are hard to find except maybe in size 6 or 7 - even on Nike's site - although 5.0s seem to be easily available still.  Many websites I see that advertise Nike Frees are often "out of stock" or only have version 1 or 2.  Yes, there are exceptions if you look hard enough, but common sizes may not be available in the model you prefer, or in any model for that matter.  Forget about your first choice of color for the most part. Or you can get your color choice from NikeID for an extra $25 ($110 total + S&H), but only for 5.0s.  All good reasons to run more and more barefooted - I'm now doing about half my total mileage BF, & slowly increasing that.


    I have new 3.0s - of course I couldn't find my exact size 12's or the color I liked - with about 50 miles on them, but still can't figure out if I like them as much as my 5.0s (which I love) - maybe after a couple of long runs in them...


    My impression is that Nike doesn't see much/any profitability in 7.0s and 3.0s and hasn't made any for awhile - but will keep offering 5.0s for now.  A "contact us" inquiry might result in something like the following response: "We received your inquiry and are pleased to learn that you are interested in our products. Rest assured that we will continue to develop our footwear products to meet the many varied demands of our customers. Feel free to contact us with any other questions or comments that you may have...".    


    OK - Rant over, gotta run



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        I've been running exclusively in the Free 3.0, except for some barefoot runs when it's warmer, for a while now and it's completely transformed my biomechanics and allowed me to stay injury-free for the first time in decades. I noticed last year that they were being phased out so I manged to stock up with three pairs to at least get through my next marathon. The good news is they last forever. No foam midsoles to go flat in 300-400 miles. I'm very disappointed that Nike is discontinuing them. The replacement is the Free Run due out in April. It appears to be closer to a Free 5.0 than the 3.0.