Barefoot Runners


Glad I did some barefoot training... (Read 300 times)

Gotta TRI I ran the last 2.5 miles of the P.F. Chang Arizona Marathon barefoot! I always race sockless in Zoots, and I had made sure to trim my toenails a few days prior to the race but apparently I failed to trim enough on my left foot. By the mid 20's my toe was really getting sore so w/ 2 1/2 to go I took the zoots off and ran "commando". Everything was fine until the last .2 when the pavement changed to a really coarse aggregate that really hurt to run on. Luckilly the very last 100ft. or so changed back to a nice flat pavement.


    The announcer made a reference to my applying the Zola Bud maneuver as I crossed the line! It was great.

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