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Natural Running Symposium (Read 335 times)


    A few months ago, the Maine Running Company put on the Natural Running Symposium which featured Danny Abshire from Newton Running, Jamie Raymond of Raymond Chiropractic and Kirsten Buchanan of Impact Sports Medicine.


    The talk was a little too Newton-centric for my tastes (since Danny talked a lot and half of what the owner of MRC John Rogers said was about Newton shoes as well) but it was still interesting and worth attending.


    It'll probably take me a week or three to get everything edited and online, but I put up the first video this afternoon. It's the first 10 minutes of the Symposium so it's just got some brief introductions and then the history of Newton Running and why they took the barefoot/natural philosophy and how they incorporated it into their shoes.


    The next video will be about what natural running is from the perspective of Kirsten and Jamie.


    Anyway, if you want to check it out, I've set up a youtube playlist that you can watch here and that will update when I get the new videos up (I'll try to come in here and remember to post an update every video or two.)  Alternatively, I have an email list set up that I'll be notifying, but all the videos will eventually show up on this page anyway:


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      sweet! i love hearing new information, especially about running. thanks for taking the time to do all that.

        What do you think of the Natural Running part of it (if you ignore the Newton advertising)?


        Just ordered the book...

        And you can quote me as saying I was mis-quoted. Groucho Marx




          It was a good presentation...I could have just done with about half the Newton talk.


          Wound up coming in to work today, so I'll get part 2 up tomorrow morning.  I have it mostly set already and it concentrates more on Jamie and Kirsten's experiences.  The files are so big that they are tough to work with, heheh.


          I should look and see if I can find my recording of a barefoot/natural running talk that Jamie did a year or two computer died around that time so I am not sure if I managed to save it or not. Definitely never got around to editing it.

          Run to Win
          25 Marathons, 17 Ultras, 16 States (Full List)