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Petco Run/Walk/Wag 5k

    Anybody else run in one?


    I ran one barefoot this past Sat in Austin. Not a bad course except for about 100ft of gravel with a short ~10ft section of larger rocks to pick ones way thru. Lots of BF'ers out there, even BF Mom's pushing strollers. Got to meet and talk to Roy Wallack co-author of "Barefoot Running Step by Step"
    . He had same hot spot problem on his left foot that I have had on both of mine. He suggested focusing on ball of foot landing and avoiding side landings, plus high knees to get foot straight up and down. Seemed ok during the race. Won't have time to see how it works on longer neighborhood runs until I get back from a road trip (driving LA to Austin) in a week or two. 

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      Interesting. I endorse the ball of foot's helped with the top-of-foot pain for me. I'll play around with the high knees...

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        Heck, the closest "Naked Foot 5K" to me in here Florida is listed as being in Tenn.  But it was interesting to me that some of these barefoot races are run partly on gravel sections - ouch.  Then I realized they are Merrill Naked Foot 5Ks- so obviously one should wear their True Gloves or Trail GlovesBig grin.  Watching, and running and talking with a lot of other barefoot runners would be awesome IMHO. 

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