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    I have officially been out of the air-cast for one full week. It's been up and down but overall definitely progressing. I was on the elliptical today at the end of a bike ride and it felt pretty good. Just 10 minutes though. I worked a 4 hour shift on my feet (running shoes) tonight and still feel good. I would put the improvement from 10 out of 10 to about a 3 out of 10 now. Wow. Never thought it would take this long though. But I'm happy with my progress, especially this week. Yay! We are experiencing more snow and nasty weather so it's not so bad being laid up!

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      Great going Ruth.  After 4 hour shift on your feet - no wonder you feel 3 out of 10 - even those who are healthy would say the same.  Great job with the elliptical and the bike.  I was laid up over July, August, and September during my SF.  Winter is not a bad time to recover if you ask me.  Just getting out there this time of year is a challenge.Wink  And yeah we got more snow today...light crappy stuff with rain.


      Have a great week!


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        Congrats, Ruth! That is good news Smile

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