On the Bench


Not on the bench anymore! Maybe? (Read 263 times)

    I think I can declare I'm on on the bench anymore, but I don't want to jinx myself by moving out of this group. Ran a 5K this morning and I don't think I could have ran it any harder. My ankle is still squishy on the outside. The first week of April will be my one year ann of turning that left ankle. So this race and PR is special for me. Long way to come back. Big grin Now to ask for some advice....my arches started hurting several months ago and I was thinking it was my shoes breaking down. So I bought new shoes and switched them back and forth with my old shoes. The soreness in my arch on my right foot is gone. But the sorness of my left foot continues. Yesterday I did a very slow 2 just to loosen up my legs before the race today and I felt like I had a rock under my left foot. The race today it hurt a but but I think the excitement kept it from hurting to much. Now I'm thinking that my ankle brace is what is causing the pain. I walked around barefoot this morning in the house with no pain. Put on my brace and shoe to leave the house...pain. Took off the shoes and talked around on stocking feet and brace. The brace seems to be pulling on my foot back towards the underside of the heel. The PT told me to wear the brace until the swelling was totally gone and it's still there. So I don't know what to do. The brace is a lace-up brace with a bit of elastic at the back behind the heel. I'm torn...shoud I go buy a new brace thinking that I've worn this one out? Try running without the brace to see if the arch pain goes away and only wear the brace on days I'll know I'll stress the ankle?

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