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    Hrm... is there anyone left in here besides me? Bueller? Anywhos. Just came back from PT. It was only an evaluation. The treatment starts on Friday.
      LOL! Bueller. Just popping in....I don't know where I belong! I'm not quite here but I'm not quite "out there" yet! Big grin Trying to find orthotics (over the counter) to see if that works before we pursue customs. Left arch is higher than the darned rt one is! I was also told to do some different stretches for my rt hamstring, as it's not as flexible as my rt, which may be contributing to my problem of left hip pain. It doesn't help that I about killed myself rollerblading last year either, I don't think! LOL Oh yeah- she did an ultrasound treatment on my hip, but I didn't see ANY difference from that. I'm being really good, though, and stretching often and iced after my last run. The ice seemed to work wonders! I'd never have dreamt that this journey would have this many kinks in it! But I won't complain as I've read what you all are going through! Infact, I won't utter a peep! Smile
        I am hanging in. My hip is actually bothering me more the past couple weeks. I blame it on being up and about and standing a lot during surgery. I got an e-mail back from my surgeon (3 days later! This is the first time she hasnt e-mailed back in a few hours - except the couple times she called instead) and she basically told me to just keep pushing forward and it should get better. I was kind of worried she would tell me something I didnt want to hear, so I guess that was good news. But I am ready to start following the more typical course for this injury and be able to do what I am supposed to do. On the other hand, I am off crutches (and have been for a couple weeks) which is great and enjoying my surgery rotation. I really like that we can actually make a difference and fix things - I disliked that in internal medicine I felt like all we did was prescribe medicine and try to keep patients out of the hospital. Then again, I felt like internists got to know their patients and its not clear surgeons see them back to see their improvement. I am also exhausted. I still cant get my sleep-cycle in sync with my work-cycle. Maybe tonight will be better. Or rather this afternoon as it feels. Good luck everyone!!!


          I'm still here. I have been wearing my new orthos in my shoes, but keep getting derailed from working out. I really need to buckle down and focus, both on the eating and the exercising. I'm starting to look like Mile Collectors avatar. Undecided No longer seeing the PT for my legs - I am still seeing PT for my forearms (Tendinitis from typing!). I have a balance disk on the way, to help with the balance and ankle strength Smile
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