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    Hi everyone,


    I'm another new member and sad to be here, though pleased to find other people suffering from running withdrawal. 


    I've only been 'on the bench' for two weeks, but it's been frustrating and at present, is not showing signs that I will be back running soon.  I'm now seriously contemplating making swimming a part of my week and buying a Turbo Trainer.


    Injury background (this time around):


    Not a running injury!   Two weeks I was walking at the base of a crag with a bouldering pad on my back and a rucksack on my front.  I stepped off a rock and twisted my left foot.  Immediately afterwards it was impossible to weight, but there was no swelling and I managed to hobble around and rock climb for the rest of that day and the following day.  I was with a friend with a fused ankle so didn't want to act like a wimp and be in pain over something as trivial as a foot/ankle twist.  Consequently no rest, no ice, no compression, no elevation. 


    Things eased off slightly in the sense that I could walk without limping very much at all, but with pain, 48 hours post injury.  Things have not improved since.  It is still painful to stand for too long, to walk and running is not worth considering as any running-like motion gives unbearable pain.  The pain is strange, it's a dull, almost bruised, ache most of the time, but is sharp when I twist the foot accidentally or when I step off something like a pavement (sidewalk, sorry), simulate a running motion etc.  It's less sore if I walk on my toes only (just feels bruised/achy) or if I use outer edge of my foot (but this in itself gets painful as it is awkward).  It hurts to touch the bone that pokes out of the side of my foot where the navicular is.  Apparently, in my case, I have an accessory navicular and this is actually the thing that is hurting me the most. 


    I've had an x-ray taken but it didn't show up anything.  However I work with orthopedic surgeons and rheumatologists and they suspect I have a stress fracture to the navicular or accessory navicular, detachment of the accessory navicular or accessory navicular syndrome.  I can't see a specialist without a referral from my GP, and I have this referral, but can't get an appointment until the end of October.  The people I work with can't get my foot imaged without me having seen a specialist, going through the 'proper' system. 


    So, for the foreseeable future I won't be running.  Hopefully this is just some weird soft tissue injury that will disappear sooner rather than later.  I ought to try and avoid walking too much, but it's hard when I can actually walk, it just hurts.


    Sorry for the long post.


    Hope everyone else isn't too frustrated with the break from running and that you'll all be back out there soon.



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    Shirtless wonder

      Welcome to the bench.  No one wants to be here, but lots of good folks to commiserate and advise.


      Hope you are right that it is soft tissue injury and not stress fracture.  I am into my 8th week of a 10 weeks recovery for metarsal stress fracture based on sports Dr. recommendation and MRI results.   I also understand about the appointsments etc. - lots of fun scheduling between work, vacations, and doctors/specialists. 


      Doing bicycling, weekend swims  at  pool, eliptical,  and free weights in the meantime.  I found if you do enough variety of non-impact activities the down  time seems to go faster while you heal.  Not being able to run still annoying, but dealing.


      Good luck. 


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        Thanks shadowrunner.


        I also hope it isn't a stress fracture, but don't know enough to tell whether it feels like a soft tissue thing (absolutley no swelling) or a bone thing. I'm also  predisposed to stress fractures due to other health things, so it is a worry.  But I sort of imagined that if it were a bone thing it would be total agony, rather than continuous annoyance with occasional strong pain.  It's always tricky trying to get to see a consultant for the first time here, once you are on the system it is easier to get appointments.


        Good to hear that you are surviving and are managing to stay fit with a range of activities.  A friend had a stress fracture and spent lots of time, whilst not running on the elliptical, bike and in the pool.  He got back running and within a short time PR's at 10K and HM, so there is light at the end of the tunnel! It's a good tip to vary the non-running activity and I will try to do that. 


        Not long now for you, 2 weeks to go.  Well done on being sensible with it all.  I bet it will pay dividends when you are back running.

         "Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow.  Don't walk behind me; I may not lead.  Just walk beside me and be my friend."

        Shirtless wonder

          I think that was the same problem I had with my injury in the beginning, i.e., the not knowing.  I kept "self diagnosing" and comparing symptoms on info from various medical websites. Especially when I was told the  x-ray indicated "no break".


          Try to push for MRI as soon as you can since only real way to tell if soft tissue or stress fracture.  Even though I think both take about the same time to heal depending on the injury.  Meantime  relax, take it easy on the ankle, and do some cross training w/o impact. 


          Have a great weekend,



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            Hi Joe,


            How are things going with you?


            No more news yet, no improvement with the foot, but I wasn't anticipating one at the moment!  Good news is that I should hopefully have an MRI in the next week, maybe even before Friday.



            Hope everyone is recovering form the various causes of being on the bench,



             "Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow.  Don't walk behind me; I may not lead.  Just walk beside me and be my friend."

            Shirtless wonder

              Hey Sarah,


              Same old thing just doing the bicyling and free weights, in other words cross training.  I haven't had any pain related to stress fracture for a few weeks - but can still tell where injury is on foot.  So I guess it  is still swollen internally- sort of raises up on top of foot when I curl toes.  But I have no pain when walking or climbing stairs etc. 


              Basically just doing the cross-training thing and looking forward "with some hesitation" to running again.  Downloaded a running plan from web:  http://www.pfitzinger.com/labreports/stressfracture.shtml


              Good luck with the MRI. 


              Happy Wednesday,



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