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Anyone have luck with continued use of ankle brace /wrap after injury (Read 110 times)

    Hey ... New to group (never knew it was out hear)


    Been inactive running and on RA for good part of 6 months and semi inactive for 1 year.  Last Aug injured ankle (Dr. mistakenly diagnosed achilles tendonitis) ... 6 weeks in boot, 3 months PT ... little bit running last oct - dec ... ankle was getting worse. 


    Finally got MRI in Jan and had 3.5 CM split in Peroneus Brevis tendon, which I basically diagnosed myself prior to seeing specialist / MRI.  Dr. gave me orthotics and said to start back running a little, but after a few miles more than 1 - 2 week felt the pain again.  The split is result of tendon slipping out of groove and getting basically shreaded over bone.  Frustrated I just shut it down last 5 - 6 months ... put on crap load of weight and yesterday figured enough is enough and going to start slowly ramping up.


    Long story ... short ankle feels OK but feel like ticking timebomb to re-split and/or complete tear without ankle support.  Have not found a comfortable support solution .. maybe just old fashion tape job is answer.  I know many say .. longterm supports just weaken further ... but not sure I have much choice besides a pretty invasive surgery to repair tendon and re-channel groove and be totally racked up for 6 months.


    Figured give it a shot now and hope for the best, if I need surgery rather do it in late fall/early winter.

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      I had a bad sprain that took a few weeks before I could run again.  Nothing like you described.  However for about 2-4 months I did wear an ankle brace [ACE elastic type] on that ankle for running.  The first few weeks even when not running, i.e., regular shoes.  Ankle always felt weak after sprain during that period.  Stopped using it though after ankle got stronger.


      But as I said never had a injury as you descriped only a bad sprain which when it happened I had to hobble home.  I also stretch achilles and foot after every run with heal raises etc.  Have you tried a soft boot or one of the "Socks" at night to keep achilles stretched?  Mostly used for plantar fascitis but may also help with achilles. 


      Good luck. 


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