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    Hey guys,


    Just checking in to see how everyone is doing.  Sarah how's the ankle?  Cheryl how are things with you?  I am still doing the Pfitz training plan, i.e., gradually returning to running.  Yesterday was my first official run with no walking.  A little over 3 miles @ 8:40 pace.  Tomorrow a 30 min run so expect to run a little further.   Today was bicycling and fortunately not to cold like Tuesday.  This weekend picking up winter jersey/jacket at store so that will help.  Again I hope everyone is doing o.k.   Later.



    Nulla camisia et nulla problematum 


      Hey there.


      I've been totally rubbish at checking in...thanks to new job in a new city and sulking due to still not being able to run!


      How is it all going with you guys?  How's the running going Joe?


      I'm still swimming and on the turbo trainer.  I've used the elliptical a bit, but have to be careful as that is painful if I have been standing up a lot in the lab.  Feet are still not great and walking and standing are still painful, especially if for more than a couple of hours per day.  However at least with the orthotics in the pain is bearable.  I'm not seeing running as a likely activity until at least after Christmas, maybe beyond as there hasn't really been any recovery since the initial improvement post-injury.  I've got to try and see the consultant again and that may shed light on the best options for the feet.  All this is accessory navicular related rather than related to the sprain, however it seems to have been brought on by the sprain. 

      Ankle wise I don't know how this is, as it never gave me big pain in the first place, in fact all the major pain is and was centred around the arch of the foot and the navicular bone (on the inside of my foot...I'll dig out a picture of the freak bone that I posted elsewhere on here).  However the ankle feels a bit odd after walking for a while and is quite unstable still, so I am trying to do heel raises.  However I don't know if the ligaments are actually healing, two of them were totally ruptured so they might not have started knitting together yet.  Another thing I need to sort out, if only I could get an appointment with the consultant!

       Right, that's me done...her are the pics...they were taken about 2 weeks post-injury, and the lump on the inside of the foot is now the same size if not a bit bigger.  Despite the cankles there is no obvious swelling of the outer side of the ankle from the sprain/rupture and this was the case from more or less the time I twisted my feet.



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