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9 weeks post "trauma" (Read 126 times)

    So I am 7.5 weeks in an air-cast and 9 weeks since the fateful run when it was misdiagnosed and actually 11 weeks since I first felt pain or had a proper run.  I have felt a teeny bit better in the last couple of days.  I have kept the boot on when I'm on my feet a lot but if I am sitting and reading or on the computer, I take it off and wear running shoes tied loosely.  I am still sore but it feels like I could walk (slowly) for short periods of time. I haven't, though.  But at least I don't get the massive pain and swelling that I was getting before.  It is still a bit swollen but very little. 


    On Wednesday I see the doctor to get the bone scan results.  Hopefully he will tell me that I can stop wearing the air-cast.  


    Finally I am seeing the tiniest bit of progress, which is what I have been waiting for.  From the way I feel right now, we are looking at March at least for any return to any kind of running.  I already have my Pfitzinger schedule that Joe recommended printed out!  Smile

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      Fingers are crossed and hoping for the best.  Big grinBig grinBig grin


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        That sounds really promising!  I've got fingers crossed too.  Good luck at the Dr and with the progress xx

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          Progress is good! Hope the news from the doc is good as well. Hang in there,Ruth Smile

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            Promising is good! Good luck Wednesday, let us know how it goes!