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Ugh... not here by choice! :( (Read 9 times)


    A week ago monday I discovered a lump in my left breast. Had a diagnostic mammogram/ultrasound done today, and radiologist M.D. ordered a biopsy (suspicious calcifications, she said). This discovery happened only 2 days before I came down with a nasty sinus/cold virus (still fighting it, seems forever to go away!). Great timing, huh? And if that wasn't enough (likely due to the full moon on Monday), Monday i came down with the hugest cold sore on my upper lip (and painful, at that) that you ever saw!

    Sad to say, my exercising has gone to a bad hiatus - was off work today and yesterday.... ah, how I really DID take my previous good health for granted - never, ever will again!

    I'd love to go for a good jog - but worry now, since I think (natch) my virus has "gone south" (lungs) as usual. Not helping is the crappy winter weather (SADD) I have to put up with here in Ohio. <primal scream!!!> :O

    I want to live - not merely survive! And I won't give up this dream that keeps me alive!

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      Hang in there. Being sick is no fun and with lousy weather these days surprised most of us aren't SADD. I was injured then back running and caught flu despite flu shot.  So just hang in there.  I hope you hear soon about the biopsy and hope it is good news.  Thoughts and prayers.


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