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    Hi all


    Just got back from my doctor's visit and the stress fracture has been confirmed.  It is on the distal end of the 3rd or 4th metatarsal.  Bet you anything that I did the bulk of the damage running on it that one day after the first doctor had diagnosed it as an inflamed neuroma.


    Doc recommended to continue to wear the air-cast when I was outside or having to walk for long periods.  I can probably take it off at work as long as I am not standing for too long.  I'm to continue on the bike and try the elliptical for 5 - 10 minutes at a time, at the end of a bike workout.


    The doctor's advice was not unexpected, but since I am seeing some improvement, I know that some day the foot will be better.  So I guess for the next little while as i slowly extricate myself from the air-cast and start walking, I am to expect some soreness and swelling.  When that happens he said just take it easier. 


    I was thinking this morning that the best thing to do is to start logging my time on the foot into an activity log so that I can see some progress and also not overdo it.


    Thanks again for your support - it feels like it has been a very long journey and it is not over yet.

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      That's good news! Even though you have a way to go during recovery, having a confirmed diagnosis and knowing you are moving in the right direction is a relief!

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        yeah!  Sounds like good news.


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          what they said Smile

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