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new member w/ calcaneus sfx (Read 232 times)


    Hi all!  Sad to say I'm joining this group.  Ran my fist marathon in Chicago on 10/11.  Whoo hoo.  Mile 21 did not agree with me -- my right foot started to ache (I thought that was weird, b/c that was the one body part that I didn't have aches/pains/tightness/injury to while training!!).  At first I thought it seemed like a stress fracture type of pain (lucky me had a metatarsal stress fracture Jan '09 in my left foot)... but then all the tendons on the side of the foot hurt -- it wasn't that focal sfx type pain.  Then I rolled my ankle on the rough roads.  I finished -- within my very conservative goal time of 4:30:00 (official time was 4:26:53!!)  but the right foot just kept hurting as I walked around Chicago the next day and when I got home.  

    Doc thought I had possible torn the peroneal tendons -- weren't we surprised to find a sfx on the top of my calcaneus on the MRI.  MRI also showed the tendons inflammed -- but probably b/c they are trying to protect the fracture site.  I'm in the boot for 6 weeks -- doc says I have to be careful b/c if it fractures completely he'll need to do surgery to get the bone fragments out of the joint.  ugh.  So I'm stuck on the darn bike and aqua jogging -- both of which I despised this winter when I did them for 6+ weeks.  

    I'm so annoyed b/c I take Vit D and calcium supplements, had my blood levels checked in January when I had my first sfx (they were fine then - probably are GREAT now),  normal bone density scan, normal BMI 21 (18.5 is the low end of normal), very good diet, 2 servings of caffeine a day....  what the heck?!?  AND, my marathon training program was very low mileage (peak of 35 mpw) because I also teach two high level step aerobics classes a week and one kettlebell class (minimal impact)  week --- so I was very careful of my body!!  

    AND of course now I have the marathon bug and want to do a Pfitz 18/55 program for my next marathon but am worried my body won't take it -- plus it is going to take me so long to build up to that kind of mileage.  I had really been hoping to have a strong winter base of 35 mpw before even starting the Pfitz program for  a June 6 marathon!  

    Whine whine whine!!!!!

    Anyone else have a calcaneus sfx???  Advice, tips, support welcome!!

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      Sorry about your injury.  No advice for your particular injury other than follow your doctor's orders and heal up quick.



        Love the picture of your boot!  I'll have to take a picture of mine -- I glue-gunned different colored sparkling beads/rhinestones to it to make it more festive!!!