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    Hello All-- I thought I'd come join all of you over here! I have been "on the bench" since having surgery to repair the joint in my big toe on 6/1. Last week the surgeon cleared me to start swimming laps, but has warned me to not push the joint too much. I was able to swim 2 times last week, so at least I'm feeling less like a slug, but I really miss my running! I've looked at some of the forum posts and I know you all share the frustration with your injuries that I do. When I first signed on for the surgery, the surgeon said I'd be running in 5-6 weeks, but when I saw him 2 weeks after surgery he said it would STILL be another 6-8 weeks! When I challenged him on this he told me I needed to be patient! Unfortunately, patience has never been one of my strong suits....but I really want to heal well from this procedure so I can run with less pain when I get back to it. One thing I have learned from running, tho, has been to pay attention to my body and when the toe joint swelled up and was more painful the day after I swam laps for the first time, I forced myself to take the next day off. So maybe I am developing some patience..... Anyway, I've been lurking for a few weeks, just thought I'd say hello! Hope you all had a good weekend! Carol
      Hi Carol! Sorry that you're here! Smile I sort of "lurk" too....although, I'm running more lately than dealing with aches and pains, so I'm hoping maybe I'm on the upswing. I still like to check in and see how things are going, though, as I haven't completely given up my spot on the bench! If there's one thing that everyone can probably relate to, it's how difficult it is to have patience when dealing with an injury... whatever it may be. I've really learned a lot about discipline and patience in the last few months, and that's with what I'd consider "minor" issues compared to what a lot of the folks here have been/ are dealing with. It's difficult, but hopefully you'll find that this board "eases your pain" a bit, knowing there are others in the same boat. So, welcome aboard, grab a paddle, and may your journey here be short!! ~Joni~
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        We really need to come up with a greeting other than welcome to the group. How about sorry to hear you're in the same boat? The group has been quiet lately, and I'm hoping it's because everyone's slowly getting back to running and thus not spending as much time here griping about not being able to run.
          We really need to come up with a greeting other than welcome to the group.
          I agree! How about adding a skull and cross bones to the home page? Now that would be inviting.... Big grin
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            That's a good idea. We need to get Mr. Poop's attention since he's the only one with powers around here. I feel so small and weak at the moment. How's everyone else doing?