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The Lord's Hands (Read 4 times)


    My devotion this morning was on the feeding of the 5 thousand.  The emphasis was on the miracle happening in the Lord's hands.  Not the people, they were hungry.  Not the disciples, they didn't know what to do.  When the problem was put in the Lord's hands, the miracle occurred and the people were fed... in abundance!


    I had an excellent 10 mile run this morning. The spring growth alongside the trail is pretty tall now, and full of rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, and groundhogs. All like to scamper out in front of me as fast as they can, then duck back under cover. Groundhogs are especially funny. They kind of jiggle when they run, but they sure are fast! 

    I have put my health and my strength in the Lord's hands and consider it a blessing that I can go out for a run and enjoy the day as I do.