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No worries (Read 3 times)


    I've got a half marathon coming up this weekend.  It's a great course, and one that I could set a PR on.  I started to worry about this, and stress myself wondering if I could do it.


    Then I remembered how my Lord has always taken care of me.  I remembered how I have relaxed and relied on him to take care of me and good things have always happened.


    I have given Saturday, race day, over to Him.  I will run relaxed and in peace with my Lord as my strength.  I may not set a PR, but I know without a doubt that good things will happen.  I look forward to this in patience, and in awe at the wondrous things my Lord had done.


    I cruised 10 today at a very comfortable pace, coming in at 1:14.  Very comfortable, and plenty of gas in the tank.  I can't wait to cross the finish line and praise God at the top of my lungs.  He is my strength, and I love how He cares for me.