Christian Runners


Thoughts from Tuesday (Read 15 times)


    I enjoyed a peaceful 7 mile run on the canal towpath this morning. Great time to reflect on my morning study. I was reading in Mark, chapter 3 about Jesus' family, Mary included, coming to visit Him. They were worried that He was being overwhelmed and wanted Him to come home and rest. Our Lord was not rude to them, but simply kept His priority of His Father's work first. His ministry to otherscame above rest for Himself. 

    I thought of my relationship with the Father, with my wife, my friends, and myself. The fresh air and peaceful scenery as I cruised along set a tranquil mood and I felt very at ease. I remembered a magnet I put on my fridge with an acronym for JOY.


    I can see how Jesus was happy in His ministry and in serving others. Yeah, I feel very good this morning too. You might say I have a little JOY in my life.