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    My study this morning was in Mark, when Jesus cursed the fig tree for not producing fruit. On my run this morning I noted the many flowers still in bloom. I considered how we love to see the Spring blossoms and growth. I imagine our Father loves to see our growth even more so. Those flowers bend and twist, and do what ever it takes to reach for the light. I, too, have dedicated myself to do what ever it takes to keep reaching for His light. As I ran I felt strong. It was a lot of work to get to this level, and I have room to grow and get stronger. As I run with the Word, I also feel strong. I also have done a lot of spiritual work to get where I am, and pray I will get stronger every day. I hope to produce growth pleasing to our Lord. This is my prayer today.

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      Thank you, Joe.  Very well said.


      I struggle on a daily basis to keep "the world" from consuming more of my time than God.  But I know he continues to watch over me and continues to place things in my path that force me to look to Him more and more and I'm grateful.


      The Western States weekend as so much fun!!  I felt blessed to be a part of such an event and to be able to watch the struggles of  the men and women who took on the challenged of an extremely hard race on what turned out to be the 2nd hottest race in its history.  One aid station reported a high of 106 at one point.  And I must say, being a part of this event again has only strengthen my resolve to one day run a 100-miler myself. Smile

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        That is very cool Joe.  I have many of those kinds of thoughts as I do my runs...although...I have gotten away from them lately.  Thanks for reminding me to stay alert for God's teachings as we go about our day...doing whatever it is we do.