Diabetic Runners


Sticking to it...or not. (Read 131 times)

    Damn.   Took another month off.  Laced up this morning for a not-so-bad two and a half.

    Discipline is never an end in itself, only a means to an end. (RF)

      Every new day is a chance to start fresh, so good for you!  Do you have any races on your calendar?  That always helps to scare motivate me Smile.


      Had a 10K PR this past weekend 56:39.  Good for 5th/15 in my age group (45-49)....would have been good for 1st in my age group in years past, but turns out this was the state RRCA championship 10K and there were a few fast ladies ahead of me.  Not sure I could have caught them in the car, so will just enjoy the PR.  One more tri this weekend to end that season, and then have 3 half mary's lined up for early Dec, mid Jan and late Feb.  Then a friend talked me into doing the MS150 bike ride in April.  Not a race, but 180 miles of riding over 2 days.  Seems I will stay scared motivated for a while longer.  The half mary in January is with a group called InsulINdependence in Carlsbad, CA.  Really looking forward to that one.  I hit my super secret goal weight last week...actually droped a little below it without realizing.  Have lost a total of 25 lbs since this time last year and it sure is easier to run w/out those extra lbs!  Trick now is to keep them off.  Gives trick or treat a whole new meaning Smile.

      Progress Trumps Pefection