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    I was wondering if you are on insulin do you lower the Lantus or long lasting insulin in the day or two ahead of a race like a half marathon or 10k?  I ran for about 40 minutes this morning on the treadmill and noticed that I dropped down to 80 after the run and had to use a couple of glucose tablets.  I was just curious if you lower the long lasting so  you won't go too low during a race?


    I hadn't taken any Humalog or Novolog this morning either and it still did that even though I ate.

      I used to be on Lantus a few years ago and was advised by my diabetes nurse to lower my dosage a day or so before strenuous exercise (at the time it was long-distance walking) to somehow get the body 'used to' a lower dose (don't ask me how that works!).

      However, I subsequently changed to a long-acting insulin called Levemir (that's here in the UK) and I find I can afford to make adjustments to my dose only on the morning of the strenuous exercise, which is a lot more flexible.

      Having said that, I would not reduce my Levemir for a 10k, which for me is over in under 50 minutes, although this depends on the start time relative to the time of the injection. For anything longer than a 10k I would reduce it by up to 50%.



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