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    What a lousy week of running.  Went to the outer banks of NC for a week's vacation and left my test kit home.   Ran only once, on Wednesday when it was about 98 with high humidity.  Terrible as far as running goes but running on the dunes and beach was quite the experience.  Got to get back into my schedule Monday when I am back home.


    Wednesday-3 miles in 34 minutes on the dunes and beach near Corolla, NC



    Discipline is never an end in itself, only a means to an end. (RF)

      Hey John, thanks for starting this group years ago!  Glad you are back to running.  Vacations are great for the mind, but tough on the body sometimes, huh?


      45 year old type 1 gal here, and I've been sort of an on again off again runner for the past several years.  Lotsa 5K's, a few 10K's, and 3 undertrained 1/2 mary's.  Have had a few injury issues and motivation issues, thus the on again off again part.  This year I decided to go "all in" on fitness and took up triathloning as my challenge.  I've lost 20 lbs in the process and am at a weight that is good for me, though would like to drop a few more to help my performance.  I've done 4 sprint tri's and have an olympic distance tri on the schedule for early October to cap off my first tri season.  Also have my sights set on a couple more 1/2 mary's in the winter -- properly trained this time Smile.  So right now weekly volumes are - running 20 miles, swimming 5,500 yds, and biking 70 miles.  I'm loving the challenge of the 3 different sports, and the swimming and biking are helping me w/ my aerobic base without as much injury potential.  Kinda hard to balance the blood sugar / insulin, especially on race days when it tends to skyrocket for me.  But managing that comes with practice. 


      Anyway, glad to see this forum active again, and to meet it's creator!   

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        Sorry I didn't catch your reply, Carol.  I'm using a browser that isn't completely compatible with RA and doesn't flag the new posts for me.  Guess I need to use Explorer or Firefox.   My response is simply Wow!!   Go for it girl.   I am still struggling with the return.   Been running most of my adult life and had a great couple of seasons of half marathons and 35 mile weeks after my diagnosis of latent autoimmune back in '04.   Ran those seasons with my son and when he moved away the desire sort of faded and ended up being a walker for the past 3 years.   Now the return is tough--not physically (although my age [nearly 58] isn't helping) but mostly psychologically.   I'll get there.


        So anyway, keep up the good work, Carol.   I've always been intrigued by triathlons.  I remember when they first started to become popular right after the first running boom in the mid-70s. Your routine is an encouraging!!!!



        Discipline is never an end in itself, only a means to an end. (RF)