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    Still engaged in the uphill battle of returning to running after 3 years walking.   Thought I had "retired"  but when my daughter-in-law completed a half I got the bug again.  Not a big fan of races, I still have nothing on the horizon, just my own satisfaction.   Maybe late fall I will find a low-keyed short race to do.


    I am noticing that my BG levels are responding quite differently to exercise this time around.  I used to be able to run the numbers down to the point I would need to carry a little sugary snack with me on long runs.   Now the opposite is happening.  I am ending runs with the same of higher BG level.  I did read an article recently that strenuous exercise has a tendency to cause the liver to release sugar into the bloodstream.


    Any personal observations from the membership??

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      John, good job keeping on keeping on!  As for the rising BG, that happens to me if I push the pace enough to go anaerobic.  Also happens at races due to that + adrenaline.


      Today I've been packing for my first olympic tri.  It is also my first "away" race, so the packing is more of a mental effort than usual.  Took one of my dogs for a 3.5 mile jog this morning just to shake my legs out a little. Felt good, and more importantly, Katy the dog enjoyed herself immensely.


      How is your cat?

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        The anaerobic answer makes sense. When I was in much better condition and my running was more aerobic, my BG would be lower following nearly all of my runs.  This time around I am re-training and every run is much more of a workout than before.


        This next week will make you envious.  Everyday will be like today, very cool and rainy with highs in the low 60s.  Definitely made my run this morning less of a chore.   I actually thought I could have used some sleeves running back in against a stiff breeze.


        Kitty is not very good.  She is not responding to the food additives.  All her blood tests came back negative.  I don't think she'll be with us much longer as she is really nothing but skin and bones now and getting weaker Sad, even though her appetite is very good.   Time will tell.


        Happy training.  John

        Discipline is never an end in itself, only a means to an end. (RF)


          You just might be correct.  It seems lately that following my "pushed" runs my BG is slightly more elevated than following my easy runs.  I might have something to do with aerobic vrs anaerobic exercise.  John

          Discipline is never an end in itself, only a means to an end. (RF)